Episode 5

Published on:

5th Apr 2021

Fashion, Confidence and Relationships with Oluwapelumi Oguntade

In this episode our host Sheena Carey talks to Oluwapelumi Oguntade, a junior in the College of Business Administration. Oluwapelumi identifies as Nigerian American and as a brown woman, and just as a unique individual – Oluomo – one of a kind. 

Episode Highlights: 

02:35 – I was born in Nigeria. I come from the US as well. When I look at the way I think, my values, it reflects both countries. 

06:43 – I find myself always trying to blend both cultures and bring them in, even in my styles.

12:07 – On my hand, where I work, I’ve had a positive experience. I think that’s also because I just try to see the positive side of things. I strive really hard to have a great day.

17:25 – We just need to listen more, and stop talking as much as we do. 

20:55 – Let’s remember the people that love and support us, and use that energy to bring us to the next level, to the next generation, with positive vibes.


01:10 - What is the story you’d like to share with us today? - I identify as brown because I was having a conversation with my mom and she was, like, why are we called black – our skin is not near that color. 

05:15 – How would you describe the path that you’re on? – The closer I get to it the more I see what’s ahead. Paying attention to my likes is helping me get on my path.  

07:45 - What women of color inspire you? – From a fashion perspective there is this Indian fashion influencer, Masoom Minawala and Michelle Obama.

09:50 - What has been Marquette’s role or impact on women of color? – For myself particularly, I feel it’s made me more confident in myself. – No one’s experience is the same. 

14:04 - What impact do you want to have on women of color? – I would like to inspire them, in the little things, like finding your own style.

15-00 - What are your hopes for the future? – I hope that we can stand next to our brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers, siblings, and it doesn't necessarily be from the same race. We can stand next to each other and look each other in the eyes, and have respectable conversations. 

17:35 - What would you like our community to know about you and your journey? – I face challenges along the way. One of them was language. And along with the challenges come the allies and supporters.

Contact information:

Jacki Black

pronouns: she/her/hers

Associate Director for Hispanic Initiatives

Marquette University

454 Zilber Hall | PO Box 1881 | Milwaukee, WI 53201




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