Episode 2

Published on:

15th Mar 2021

Our Bonds are Tied in Our Roots with Yasmeen Atta

In this episode our host Sheena Carey talks to Yasmeen Atta, senior in the College of Nursing, set to graduate this May. Yasmeen was born and raised in Milwaukee, Glendale, and her parents and grandparents come from Palestine.  

Episode Highlights: 

02:05 – I feel responsibility to speak up for our rights, and to speak up for the rights of anyone who is oppressed.

03:37 – When you are surrounded by faculty, as much as you would look up to them and appreciate them, if they do not look like you, or if you do not see yourself in your faculty and staff, you will start to lose your sense of confidence, simply because of who you are. 

06:33 – We may have different backgrounds, we are of different faith, of different cultures, but the bottom line is our values and how we see the world.

08:08 - You cannot be successful without vulnerability. It’s just part of the process, it’s part of the journey.


01:10 - What is the story you’d like to share with us today? – I would like to share the story of my Marquette journey.

01:17 - How do you identify? – I identify as a Palestinian American and Muslim woman.

01:36 - How does your identity influence the choices that you’ve made? – From a young age my parents and my grandparents have always instilled in me to be proud of who I am, proud of where I come from and to stand for myself.

06:10 - How does the theme of the mural project resonate for you? – I absolutely love the theme and I think it just comes down to the fact that our bonds really are tied in our roots. 

07:29 - What role has vulnerability played in the journey that you’re on? – In more than one way, actually. You cannot be successful without vulnerability.

09:44 - Who are the women of color that serve as inspiration for you? – There are two women that come to mind: Noura Erakat and Bilqis Abdul Qadir.

11:03 - What impact do you hope to have on women of color? – Keep going. If I could instill that in others, that would be a form of success for me.  

12:00 – What are the ways in which you feel Marquette has prepared you for? – In terms of self-worth, Marquette has played a big role – if I look back to who I was as a freshman and who I am now as a senior, the difference is incredible. 

14:46 - What are your hopes for the future? – I really hope that the University makes a stronger commitment to listening to students of color. In terms of my future, I hope to improve as a person.

15:56 - What would you like our community to know about you and your journey? – That’s definitely more to it than meets the eye. 

Contact information:

Jacki Black

pronouns: she/her/hers

Associate Director for Hispanic Initiatives

Marquette University

454 Zilber Hall | PO Box 1881 | Milwaukee, WI 53201




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